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Establishing an Agency Endowment Fund at HCF is a simple and efficient way to build a permanent source of income for your charitable organization.

Why build an agency fund?

  • It is an attractive vehicle for your donors who wish to make a donation in their will.
  • The Foundation professionally administers and invests the endowment that supports your organization, and provides regular reporting.
  • A fund at HCF provides an additional layer of profile and credibility to potential donors.

How it works

  • Your board determines how much you would like to invest long-term.
  • Your organization works with HCF’s professional staff to complete a fund agreement.
  • We set up a fund in the name of your charitable organization.
  • Your organization receives regular statements on the fund.
  • You can add to the fund at any time.
  • We handle all the administrative details – including investment management – so that your organization can focus on its mission.
  • Your donation is placed into an endowment that is invested over time.
  • Earnings from your fund are distributed back to your organization, helping you to do your good work in the community.

Read more about agencies that entrusted the management of their funds to HCF: AbleLiving Services Inc. Mary Traini Legacy Fund, the Art Gallery of Hamilton, and Rotary Forever Fund.

To explore whether this is an option that may be a good fit for your organization please contact Andrea Buttars, Vice President, Philanthropic Services at 905.523.5600, ext. 254.