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Driving positive change is Hamilton Community Foundation’s mission and one we share with many private and family foundations.

Hamilton Community Foundation can provide professional advice in the following areas:

Would you like to participate in a grant that has been subject to our stringent review process? Do you have unspent granting dollars and want knowledge on community needs in a particular area? We can help.

Developing a succession plan for your private foundation. Circumstances and priorities change over time. We offer an alternative to having your own private foundation that will ensure your goals are carried out forever. Read about how HCF was able to help The Brabant Foundation, Edith H. Turner FoundationThe Malloch Foundation and The Chedoke Health Foundation.

Converting your private foundation to a fund at HCF. Transferring your private foundation to a fund at HCF may be the right option for you. It is a simple process once the decision is made and you can maintain the level of involvement that works best for you. It can be done all at once, or over time, starting with a smaller investment to learn hands on about the process.

Adding a donor-advised fund  to your strategy. This fund, held at HCF, handles a mix of granting requests and can leave your private foundation free to focus on your primary giving interest.

Assisting with the administration of your private foundation. Although some philanthropists enjoy the excitement and responsibility of day-to-day involvement in a private foundation, the administration can be time-consuming and even costly. At Hamilton Community Foundation we benefit from economies of scale and provide a variety of professional services to allow you to focus on the operating activities of your foundation that are of greatest interest and enjoyment to you. Read about the benefits of having HCF as an alternative to a Private Foundation.

We work with private foundations in many ways. Take a look at the services we offer through Heirloom: The Philanthropic Chair at Your Table.

Contact a member of our Philanthropic Services team to learn more about how we can work together to achieve your philanthropic goals while staying true to your vision for your private foundation.