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Community Arts Fund

There is no Community Arts Fund open call for proposals for the 2020-21 year. Future granting opportunities for arts-based organizations will be posted on our website and social media as they become available.

HCF provides grants for projects that benefit Hamiltonians and by law, grants only to registered Canadian charities and other qualified donees as described in Section 110 of the Income Tax Act.  On occasion, not-for-profit organizations without charitable status may be sponsored by a registered charity under a fiscal sponsorship.  More information on fiscal sponsorships can be found here.

The Community Arts Fund provides grants in three areas:

  1. Community arts projects

To support developing and creating a community arts project.  Art practiced at a community level creates a powerful sense of inclusion, understanding and the possibility of self-expression among participants. It can involve one or more art practices, such as music, dance, theatre, visual arts, and storytelling, but the collaborative involvement of professional artists with community members is a necessary component.   Community may be defined as either a geographic community, i.e. neighbourhood, or a community of attribute/interest, i.e. mental health consumers, ethno-specific group.  Please include a resume of the artist(s) involved.

  1. Indigenous arts projects

Projects that have the transmission of arts skills and knowledge as their primary focus.  Projects may be in any artistic discipline – visual, music, theatre, dance or story.  Projects must be initiated and directed by Indigenous-led organizations with Indigenous artists.  For the purposes of this program, the term “Indigenous artists” refers to a person with Indigenous descent or heritage and includes First Nations, Métis or Inuit arts practitioners.

  1. Arts access and outreach

To help ensure access to the arts and art programming for historically marginalized and underserved communities. Organizations who do not hold charitable status will need to partner with a charity for fiscal sponsorship, as described above. This category may include arts instruction, subsidizing the cost to attend arts performances and other strategies aimed at reducing or eliminating barriers to public engagement in the arts.    Please note that child/youth projects are not eligible in this category.

  • Examples of underserved communities include, but are not limited to, Indigenous peoples, official language minorities, LGBTQ2, immigrants, refugees, ethnically and/or racially diverse populations, persons living with disabilities or mental illness, the homeless, seniors, persons in conflict (or at risk of being in conflict) with the law, and persons living in low-income households.

Funding available:

The following expenses are NOT eligible for funding through the Community Arts Fund:

  • capital campaigns
  • grants to individuals
  • endowment requests or deficit reduction
  • political or religious activities
  • research
  • activities outside of Hamilton