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Last night we had the priviledge of receiving a cheque for $103,500 to the Lawyers Legacy for Children Fund held at Hamilton Community Foundation, donated as part of the proceeds of the 2011 Hamilton Lawyers’ Show, A Man For All Seasons.  On so many levels this was a remarkable accomplishment and worthy of celebration.  As one of a few “non lawyers” in the room,  I felt proud and inspired to see such a large and varied group from our local legal community come together to celebrate the success of their huge commitment of time and talent in putting on A Man For All Seasons last June, in addition to the long term benefit that this effort will provide to the young people of this community, through the fund at HCF as well as the broader community as a result of an additional gift made to Theatre Aquarius from the proceeds.  The level of commitment, passion and collaboration that all involved brought to this project is inspirational and, as one lawyer noted in conversation, quite reflective of the spirit within our legal community that is somewhat unique to Hamilton.  Hats off to all of you!