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The arts have become a major facet of Hamilton’s rejuvenation. Art – in one form or another — is also important for a thriving community. From the perspective of a community foundation this means support for programs with a variety of objectives including access to the arts, art appreciation, and more. Here are a few recent and forthcoming arts programs we’re proud to support in our city.

  • Pathways Photostory Project
    Finding your way into an arts career is no easy task – and this difficulty can be compounded by income inequality. That’s where community partners North Hamilton Community Health Centre and CreatOf Studios are stepping in with a project that helps youth acquire the knowledge and skills they need to explore careers in photography and the arts.
  • Art Spin Hamilton
    Last summer’s Art Spin Hamilton, an event based on a Toronto initiative, brought together two scenes that are bustling in Hamilton – cycling and the arts. The installation of site-specific works in alternative, bike-accessible venues throughout the city allowed Hamiltonians to appreciate works of art while engaging in fun physical activity.
  • AGH film education program
    The AGH has helped make Hamilton a great city for film lovers with the monthly ilovefilm series and the World Film Festival every fall. Now a younger audience can delight in the wonder of cinema thanks to a film education program that guides students through film appreciation. In February, students celebrated Black History Month with a screening of the powerful documentary Unarmed Verses and interactive discussion and performances with Hamilton Youth Poets.
  • My city, my home
    This summer Indigenous youth in Hamilton will have an opportunity to engage with artists in a series of workshops held at Centre 3 for Print and Media Arts in partnership with Hamilton Indian Centre. Activities will include screen-printing t-shirts and posters. Up to 50 youth will get a chance to participate in the workshops.
  • Nurture the Ability through the Arts
    This program at Dundas Valley School of Art offers a series of workshops to people with Down Syndrome in which participants get to experience different forms of art-making culminating in an art showcase. We’re proud to give continuing support to this great program.


Future Intended is an ongoing series that spotlights some of our most recent granting in categories like music, visual art, literacy, STEM and more.