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It’s Earth Week! To celebrate, we want to tell you about some great local programs and organizations we support that help protect the environment in different ways including land conservation, natural stewardship, urban farming, and ecological consideration.

  • Save the Bees!
    Hamilton students are saving the bees! Through a combination of reading material, interactive presentation, a field trip and more, HWDSB’s Save the Bees program teaches kids the importance of honeybees for the health and biodiversity of our local ecology.
  • Pollinators Paradise
    The importance of local plant life to our well-being is at the core of the Pollinator’s Paradise project, a collaborate initiative of Environment Hamilton and Hamilton Naturalists’ Club. The goal of this project is to work with community members to create an uninterrupted pollinator corridor across the city.
  • Bruce Trail Conservancy
    With its main trail stretching 890km and more than 400km of side trails, the Bruce Trail is Canada’s oldest and longest marked footpath – and the Bruce Trail Conservancy stewards it for our collective enjoyment (the Iroquoia Section runs through Hamilton). We’re proud to give continued support to BTC as it works to preserve this beautiful “ribbon of wilderness” in Southern Ontario. 
  • Edible Garden Club
    This great program, an initiative of Green Venture, gets youth excited about learning how to grow their own healthy food. Activities include growing from seed, vermicomposting and aquaponics farming.
  • Cootes to Escarpment EcoPark
    This natural corridor in the Hamilton-Burlington area now protects over 1,500 species of birds, trees, plants and wildlife. We’re proud to be one of ten project partners working to ensure this 4,700 acre area stays protected forever. Check out our story on the purchase of two key properties in the Dundas Valley in 2016.


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