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The latest Vital Signs data on seniors in Hamilton suggests that the number of people aged 65 and older is significantly increasing. Hamilton can and must be an age-friendly city. We are working towards that goal by supporting a number of programs that provide services for seniors.

Hamilton rural seniors’ grocery bus project

  • At St. Matthew’s House, this program that starts with preventing food insecurity ends with improving quality of life for seniors, as the food delivery team develops relationships with seniors to find out the other needs they may have. Read more about this program here.

Music for Memories

  • The power of music is truly wondrous. Sweet sounds of the past can ignite memories even for people suffering from dementia. The Music for Memories program at Alzheimer’s Society of Hamilton and Halton gives patients access to iPods and specially curated playlists. The result – happy memories associated with the music – can be extremely beneficial to quality of life.

Senior Women4Change learning series

  • If knowledge is half the battle then this series of workshops from Hamilton Council on Aging is a major boon for seniors looking to improve their health and well-being. From housing and transportation to recreation, financial entitlements, community services and civic engagement, the workshops, run by volunteers, serve to inform seniors about the resources available to them.

Seniors’ symphony experience

  • Love classical music? Love being a senior? You’re in luck! Designed with seniors in mind, the Seniors’ Symphony Experience at Hamilton Philharmonic Orchestra includes a series of perks including discounts, free performances, a Talk & Tea series, Classical 101 talks at senior centres and more.

Aging Artfully

  • Creative expression is an important part of the human experience at all ages. Seniors in Dundas have an amazing opportunity to access the arts through the Aging Artfully program at Dundas Valley School of Art. By offering this program for free, DVSA is able to engage seniors who may be facing social, economic, physical and mental health challenges.

Would you like to learn more? Check out this Vital Signs chat with experts discussing the latest data on seniors and aging in Hamilton. You can also watch this episode of Vital Signs TV called Is Hamilton an age-friendly city?

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