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Gladys and Edward Halloran

Gladys and Edward Halloran

Edward and Gladys Halloran were hard-working, down-to-earth people with a love for Hamilton and for helping others. They quietly left an extraordinary estate legacy to a number of local charitable organizations, including a substantial gift to Hamilton Community Foundation.

The Hallorans lived a modest but rewarding life. Edward was a naval veteran with a passion for invention, registering a number of patents in the U.S. He also owned and operated several Hamilton taxi cabs. Gladys ran a hairstyling business, loved people and animals, and had a keen interest in local politics. Gladys passed away in 2002 and Edward two years later. They left behind extended family but no direct descendants.

It was Colin Corner, CFP, the Hallorans’ financial advisor, who learned of their passion for giving and suggested they consider the Hamilton Community Foundation. “The Foundation met their need to have a local focus and the ability to reach many charities and important community programs,” says Colin, who was a co-executor for the Hallorans’ estates along with their nephew, Michael Melitzer. “They found the Foundation was well-managed and took comfort in its high-profile Board of Directors.”

Through their estates, the Hallorans left donations to nearly 20 local organizations, with HCF as the residual beneficiary. “Michael and I feel they were two very special people with hearts of gold, who had a great love for the city of Hamilton and its people,” Colin says affectionately. “Their gift to Hamilton Community Foundation was made to benefit the city for years to come.”

Excerpt from Spring 2006 Newsletter